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If there’s a chance you’re pregnant, start here. We offer free and confidential pregnancy services. An unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, even frightening. You need someone you can trust, somewhere you feel safe. From pregnancy testing to ultrasound to options consultations, our caring staff are ready to begin this journey with you.

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Pregnancy Testing

Did you know there's a right time and a wrong time to take a pregnancy test? We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing. Our lab-quality pregnancy tests are more sensitive at determining if you're pregnant than at-home tests, so even if you've taken a home test, you can confirm your results with us.


There's a lot more to know about your pregnancy and an ultrasound exam can give you that information. Set up an appointment with a client advocate for free pregnancy testing and an options consultation. Your client advocate may recommend you for a free and confidential ultrasound.

Abortion Info

No matter what your circumstances are, abortion is a significant medical decision. What do you really know about abortion procedures, side effects and potential risks? Before making an appointment at the abortion clinic, get the information you need to be prepared and confident you're making the right decision.

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