We believe knowledge is empowerment. Through our programs, classes and consultations, we want to empower you to move forward with success.

Earn While You Learn program

Earn While You Learn is an education-based system of earning material items you will need for your child. Learn valuable pregnancy information and parenting skills through participating in either in-office or virtual appointments.

Women’s Mentor Program

Register for the opportunity to have one-on-one time with a woman who understands the challenges of motherhood. She’ll encourage and help you along the way.

Fatherhood Program

Men need support and education to successfully take on the role of father. Our program is led by men for men.

Life Skills Class

Learn valuable parenting and life skills alongside other expecting moms and dads while earning material items you will need for your child. Life Skills Class is held on a weekday evening for one hour and requires registration.


RADIANT is a program designed to help you establish healthy, life-long relationships. This program will empower you with practical tools and resources to help you succeed! RADIANT is for women and men of all ages, regardless of your relationship status. You’ll have the opportunity to establish personal goals and set up systems to achieve them.


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