She’s not alone and neither are you

Did your partner just announce she’s pregnant? You were most likely not expecting to hear that today. You need to know a man plays an important role in the decision of whether or not to continue a pregnancy.

Your opinion matters

Your opinion is important and your thoughts do matter. Regardless of your relationship now or in the future, you both need to be involved in the decision for the pregnancy. Many women wish their partner was more outspoken and truly honest about what they were thinking, instead of just saying, “Do whatever you want.”

Your first step

You both need to come to Alpha Center so she can take a free pregnancy test and you both can receive an options consultation. Even if she took an at-home test, you’ll want to confirm the result. If necessary, we may be able to offer her a free ultrasound too.

If the pregnancy test is positive, we can sit and talk about all of your options. The Alpha Center is here to answer your questions and support you both throughout the decision-making process.

Choosing to co-parent

If you both agree you don’t want to terminate the pregnancy, we offer programs for each of you to learn more about parenting.