Don’t grieve alone another day

The decision to have an abortion is difficult and often occurs during a time of personal crisis. Some women may find themselves wondering why they might feel upset, angry or confused after having an abortion when they believed the abortion would bring the personal crisis to an end.

Many women, no matter what they feel, find it helpful to talk about their abortion. A trained professional, a family member or a close friend can offer great support.

Some women avoid talking through their feelings because they feel ashamed, or they fear the judgment of others. You might not have told your parents, friends or significant other about your abortion. That doesn’t mean you need to sort out your feelings alone.

The Alpha Center provides free, non-judgmental confidential support to any woman or man experiencing the emotions or physical symptoms from a past abortion. Was your abortion a traumatic experience? Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

  • Emotional numbness or explosive emotions
  • Frequent sleep disturbances or recurring nightmares
  • Reliance on drugs and/or alcohol to manage pain
  • Inability to maintain healthy relationships
  • Isolation or thoughts of self-harm
  • Depression or anxiety

There is hope and healing. We can help you.

Time to Heal

If you’ve had any of the above feelings or are experiencing other emotions after your abortion, let’s talk. You need someone you can trust to open up to. Our After Abortion Care offers going through the healing process either one-on-one or in a group setting. Others are hurting just like you and there’s comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your feelings. You can schedule an appointment to begin the healing process today.

A MEMORIAL PLAQUE is a symbol of love for an unborn child. Plaques may be placed as memorials of children lost to abortion by those who want to remember their lives. Alpha Center has a Memorial Garden available for you that is accessible at any time.


If you are interested in designing a plaque, please call us at 605-361-3500. You can also visit the MEMORIAL GARDEN at our location on 3405 S Kiwanis Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57105.

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