Choosing to move forward with any pregnancy option is difficult. You know the decision will alter your life, but you have to make one. It can be stressful. We get it.

If you’re leaning towards abortion, remember that even though you might feel rushed, safety precautions should always be taken before any medical procedure. Specifically for abortion, an ultrasound should always be performed first. 

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Need an Ultrasound:

  1. Screen for Ectopic Pregnancy

Approximately one in fifty pregnant women experience an ectopic pregnancy. This is a pregnancy that forms outside of the uterus after a fertilized egg implants somewhere it shouldn’t. The most common form of ectopic pregnancy is a tubal pregnancy, where the pregnancy attaches in a fallopian tube.

This type of pregnancy is non-viable, meaning it will not be able to fully develop. Instead, it needs to be removed right away. If left untreated, the growing pregnancy can rupture the fallopian tube, causing severe and life-threatening internal bleeding.

Only an ultrasound can detect an ectopic pregnancy. Experts recommend every woman have at least one ultrasound during their pregnancy to prevent complications. 

  1. Identify a Miscarriage

Miscarriage is another form of non-viable pregnancy. According to Mayo Clinic, ten to twenty percent of known pregnancies end in miscarriage, but the number could be even higher. This is because many women miscarry without ever knowing they were pregnant.

It’s possible to miscarry between the time you had a positive pregnancy test and your first pregnancy appointment. An ultrasound scan will detect if there’s a heartbeat and if the pregnancy is growing and progressing. 

If you did miscarry, your body will likely pass the pregnancy on its own, but it’s still a good idea to schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure you don’t have an incomplete miscarriage.

  1. Determine How Far Along You Are

Certain abortion procedures are only available depending on how far along you are. For example, the FDA has only approved the abortion pill for use through ten weeks of pregnancy. After this window of time, you’ll need to seek surgical abortion. Your local area might also regulate abortion after your pregnancy reaches a certain age or gestation.

Having an ultrasound first will help you know all the options available to you.

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