To you, the woman who had an abortion in your past, how are you doing? Is anyone asking how you are processing the recent supreme court decision? Does anyone care? Does anyone even know?

If you have had an abortion, whether it took place four months ago, four years ago, or forty years ago, all of the recent headlines, social media posts, and conversations hit home for you. Though the distance of time between you and your abortion might be significant, you might still feel a twinge of confusion or pain or regret when you do remember it.

Maybe you wish you could do it over again – or at least talk with someone who’s experienced what you have, because regardless of whether or not the people closest to you know about it, how many of them really understand? 

In light of all the recent publicizing about abortion, one thing is certain – a lot of people who have no idea what it’s been like to be in your shoes are voicing loud opinions.

A lot of people who want to be heard have never faced the disgusted face of a partner or the disappointed face of a parent; never faced a question about financial security, or been in an abusive relationship or sexually abused by someone they trusted; never been pressured by a loved one because it’s not the right time; never been told their child was almost certainly going to be born with a severe defect; never been overcome with addiction; or who’s at least, never experienced an unexpected pregnancy. And the general public is listening to them. 

Who’s listening to you? Who’s asking to hear your story? Who’s coming alongside you to work through your past and help you find freedom?

We hope that someone is, and we hope they’re helping you know how valuable and precious you are – how full of promise your life is. We hope you know your story is redeemable. 

We also want you to know we are here for you. Having conversations about a past abortion is scary. We can’t know for certain how someone will react when we do share – no matter how close they are to us. For these reasons, Alpha Center values giving you a safe and confidential space to process. A place to be heard and a place to be healed.

If you are interested in talking with someone about a past abortion, contact us through our website chat or schedule an appointment online at

We hope to meet you, whether that’s over the phone or here in our office. But if we never meet you, know you are not forgotten in the mess of the world. We have so much hope for you.

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