An unexpected pregnancy can make your whole world feel like it has stopped. We can only imagine how you may feel – scared, confused, angry, sad, and not sure what your future holds. You are not alone on this journey. Our team at Alpha Center is here to support you through your pregnancy and beyond. 

If you’re still figuring out how to break the news to your parents, we get it. Though it seems like a daunting task, it’s necessary to move forward. Here are some ways to make the process a bit easier. You are stronger than you might think – you can do this.

1. Process the News Yourself

Before making a plan to tell your parents, give yourself time to process the news. What does this look like? Let yourself feel the emotions you may be going through because pushing them away will not help when you do have the conversation with your parents. Try journaling as a way to verbalize exactly how you are feeling. 

Confide with a trusted friend or with your partner. Choose to talk to someone who can be open and encouraging as you discuss your situation. Venting to someone about how you’re feeling about your unexpected pregnancy might be messy at first, but may bring more clarity to your thoughts.

2. Pick a Convenient Time

Try to share the news when it’s most convenient for each of your parents. It may also be easier to share the news with both parents in the room so you can avoid having to go through the emotions of breaking the news twice.

When do your parents have time off together? When are they most relaxed and receptive? These are just a couple of questions to ask yourself so the situation is set up for a smoother outcome.

3. Try to Stay Calm

You are not responsible for how your parents respond. Some parents may need more time to process the news, and that is ok. If their reaction is a bit overwhelming, do your best to stay calm and collected. Wait a moment before responding and give them time to process just like you gave yourself. 

If at all during the meeting you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, give yourself permission to leave. If you think breaking the news won’t go well, take someone you trust along with you or do it over the phone.

4. Remember the Choice is Yours

Your parents may try to exert pressure because it’s part of how they are processing a situation that seems out of control. Though you may respect your parents and value their input, what you do next with your pregnancy is your decision to make. Realize that how they feel about the situation now could change in the future. 

Talk In A Safe Place Today

If you need a confidential and safe place to talk through your pregnancy options, schedule an appointment with us today. We provide pregnancy confirmation to make sure you’re pregnant with free pregnancy tests and ultrasound.

Then we provide time and space to begin to process your particular situation and offer additional resources for help with telling your parents. 

Get clarity today. You are not alone!

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