You’ve recently made a decision to abort. A decision that was meant to stay hidden, to be something you process and figure out on your own. Your pregnancy was meant to be in the past. But now it seems like everybody’s talking about abortion.

 In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, your social media pages are flooded with opinions. Walking through the grocery store or sitting in a restaurant, you overhear conversations. Your co-workers are talking about it, and so are your family and friends. Many of them may not know how close this hits home for you. Or maybe worse, they do, but they don’t care. 

It seemed like prior to this no one talked about abortion, but now everybody is. Maybe you can’t stop the flood of emotions from hitting you each time you hear the “A” word. Or maybe you’ve become numb because feeling nothing is better than regret or shame.

Some of the voices you hear are denying your physical and emotional pain, disregarding the trauma you have recently experienced. Other voices are a heaping shame on you, making you feel broken, disposable, and useless. 

Let us be the first to say this – your life is precious. 

From women who are and have been in your shoes, know this – the pain you are experiencing is real. What you just went through is traumatic, and rather than being able to process in your own time and in your own way, you’re forced to think about your pregnancy decision in places and situations you never thought you would.

At Alpha Center, we want to serve you. We want to help you process what happened, to help you understand how you are feeling. We want you to find wholeness – to be mended of the brokenness you feel. We want to give you a safe space where you can be heard. 

We are for you.

If you are interested in talking with someone about a past abortion, contact us through our website chat or schedule an appointment

Regardless of whether you reach out or not, we want you to know you are loved, you are not alone, and there is hope.

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