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Am I Really Pregnant?

The thought of being pregnant can come with varying emotions. We can help confirm a pregnancy and offer the support you are needing.

Within nine days after conception, the embryo travels down the Fallopian tubes to the uterus, where it implants in the uterine lining. At implantation, the placenta is formed and begins to produce hCG, the hormone detected by pregnancy tests. Some women can tell that they are pregnant before taking a pregnancy test by noticing changes in their bodies. Click here to read about some common symptoms indicating pregnancy, but be aware that there are other medical conditions that may cause these symptoms. If you have been experiencing irregular bleeding or pain, please consult your physician.

Our pregnancy test results are 97-99% accurate seven to ten days after your most recent sexual encounter or as early as one day after your first missed period. They are also more sensitive at detecting hCG than over-the-counter tests.

Give yourself peace of mind. Click below to schedule an appointment for a free, confidential, lab quality pregnancy test and consultation. During the consultation, our trained staff will review your results and answer any questions you might have. Your information will be kept confidential.

At the Alpha Center, the need for an ultrasound is determined by a client advocate during the consultation and cannot be given under all circumstances. Click here to read more information about ultrasounds.