Your girlfriend just broke the news — she’s pregnant and considering an abortion. Your mind may be full of worry and the topic of finances related to abortion is near the top of the list. You might have your own health insurance or be covered under your parents’ plan. But what about her? You may be wondering if your insurance will pay for your girlfriend’s abortion?

When it comes to unexpected pregnancies and abortion, it’s important to ask questions, gather information and prepare to make decisions.

Will My Insurance Pay For My Girlfriend’s Abortion?

Unless you and your significant other are married and they are under your insurance plan, they will not qualify for any medical coverage under your plan, including abortion. However, this does not mean that your girlfriend doesn’t have access to quality pregnancy care.

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Does South Dakota Medicaid Cover Abortion?

No — South Dakota state law restricts public funding from paying for abortions aside from those required in cases of life endangerment of the woman. This means that those who are insured under public health plans, like South Dakota Medicaid, will most likely not be eligible for coverage for their abortion procedures.

How Much Does an Abortion Cost In South Dakota?

It’s essential that you and your girlfriend have an understanding of the various procedures and the eligibility requirements for each.

For example, the abortion pill is only available to those in the first ten weeks of pregnancy and will cost around $500. Surgical abortion procedures can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on how far along your girlfriend is and what type of procedure she is eligible for. 

To determine how far along she is, what is known as the gestational age of a pregnancy, she’ll need an ultrasound scan. For a free pregnancy test, abortion information, and ultrasound scan, visit Alpha Center in Sioux Falls today!

Abortion itself is an expensive medical procedure and you may face other costs related to preparation, follow-up and potential complications.

Here are some costs to consider as you and your girlfriend consider an abortion:

  • Medications and follow-up appointments
  • Emergency surgery in case of abortion-related complications
  • Costs of travel and lodging, if necessary
  • Necessary pre-abortion screenings, including a lab-quality pregnancy test, STD testing, an ultrasound scan and more.

Where Can We Find Free Help Near Us?

Alpha Center in Sioux Falls can provide your girlfriend with the free information and services she needs. We are here to help you both walk through the decision-making process for this unexpected pregnancy.

Alpha Center exists to empower men and women with its free information and resources including a lab-quality pregnancy test, ultrasound scan, abortion information, STD testing, pregnancy education, referrals for free pregnancy care, and more.

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The Alpha Center does not provide or refer for abortion.

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